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2008 Lenten Study at the Rectory

Let Our Passions be for Christ:
The passions of the soul adorned by grace.


The arming of the Christian knight by the virtues, found among the catechetical pieces

appended to the Concordantiae Caritatis by Ulrich of Lilienfeld. Budapest,

Kegyesrendi Központi Könyvtár MS CX 2, fol 253r.


Feb  13     I  Introduction

Feb  20    II  Pride & Vainglory

Feb  27   III  Dejection & Wrath

Mar   5   IV  Sloth & Greed

Mar 12    V  Gluttony & Lust


There will be a series of fireside talks at 7pm on Wednesday nights at the St. Michael's Rectory in Petite Riviere (#5822 Hwy 331) during Lent.  The Rector, David Phillips, will speak on the passions of our souls identified in the early Church, their transformation by grace, and how they can be a gift to help us enter into God's rest.  There will be opportunity for questions, discussion and friendly fellowship.


The same talks will be given and discussed at a weekly Holy Communion Service at St. George's Round Church in Halifax on Tuesdays at 6:30pm Feb 12, 19, 26 and March 4 and 11.