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Photos of the

Crousetown Baroque Concert I

St. Mary's Crousetown

July 5, 2008

This is the 49th (almost) Annual Concert!


(for photos of Baroque Concert II on August 2, 2008 click here)


Many thanks to David Storey (right) from Baltimore Maryland (for an article on his organ restoration business, see David M. Storey Inc.) who significantly repaired the historic pipe organ at St. Mary's in 1981 for the love of music and of this historic organ (built in 1826, it is the oldest in Nova Scotia), and in appreciation of Fr. Crouse (and for a duck)!  This year he spent part of his holiday tuning and further fixing the pipe organ  in time for the Baroque Concerts.  Thanks also to his friend Marvin Mills (see below), who helped in the tuning and played at the concert.


We are also very grateful to Carol Slack-Wamboldt at the Petite Riviere Vineyards Winery who opened her doors to host the reception and offered fine wines for tasting.


They arrived in droves.




Over 100 people showed up.  They listened inside in the church and in the vestry, and outside at the doors and windows.






For the biographies of the musicians, please click here...


Organists Marvin Mills and Heather Brill



Our pipe organ needs a pumper - David Storey and Jan House pumped the bellows.



Kate Glenn was the flautist and Rachel Grantham played viola. 

They played together, solo and accompanied by Heather Brill on organ.


The Oriana Singers from Halifax led by Andrew Killawee



Trio 1795

Brian Start (fortepiano); Peter Dunn (violin); Megan Boyko (cello)





          Our beloved Father Robert Crouse

          the instigator of, inspiration behind, and longtime organist at the Crousetown concerts

          with young Phineas Stewart, an aspiring chorister. 


  A church mouse           

who heard and feasted.          



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