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Photos of the

Favourite Hymns Night

St. John's West Dublin

July 27, 2008


St. John's West Dublin hosted the second annual Favourite Hymns Night.  Following a service of Compline, the congregation was asked to shout out their favourite hymns from a selection provided in a booklet.  Our music was led by Bruce Oakes (vocals and accordion), Graham Richards (vocals and guitar) and Joyce Richards (vocals) and Paul Shields (organ).  Following the service, the congregation gathered for food and fellowship at the Community Hall in West Dublin.  Many thanks to Glenna Weagle, who organized the event and prepared all of the music booklets, to Eldon Weagle who welcomed us, and to all those who contributed food and refreshments at the reception.










Pssst!  I think you have the wrong verse.                                             





Reception following the Concert was a few steps away at the Community Hall in West Dublin.










All for Jesus!  All for Jesus!





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