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Photos of the

Tumbleweed Gospel Concert

St. Mark's Broad Cove

July 6, 2008


On Sunday July 6, 2008, Tumbleweed led us in the worship of Jesus in St. Mark's Broad Cove.  Many thanks to Cindy Smith for organizing the event, to Wendy Michener, who offered the Best Coast Coffee Gallery as a gathering place for fellowship after the concert and to all who contributed to the tasty luncheon.  Tumbleweed is a trio of John Adams (left) guitar and harmony vocals; Dick Henneberry (centre) vocalist; Ian Campbell (right) Bass and harmony vocals.  They have revived a style called "western swing."  For more information and samples of their music check out their webpage on Myspace Music.









Reception following the Concert was at the Best Coast Coffee Gallery.

Wendy Michener (owner), Heidi Slauenwhite (chef) and Tony Michener (supporter)








                    O whence cometh our help?                                             The strife is o're, the battle done;

                    Our help cometh even from the Lord,                                 Now is the Victor's triumph won;

                    Who hath made heaven and earth.                                    O let the song of praise be sung.

                                                                                                                        Alleluia! Alleluia! Al-le-lu-ia!




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