PRND Youth Group

The Youth Group plans to meet about once a month after confirmation:


                   - to continue to grow in their faith (some still have

                     questions after Confirmation preparation)

                   - to think about ways to minister and then to minister

                   - for fellowship and fun


Plans for this summer include:


                   - hosting cafe nights in LaHave in June and July;

                   - helping with the Summer VBS; and

                   - participation at the St. Michael's Youth Conference in August.



Hosted by the PRND Youth Group July 22, 2005


Getting things set up.

Relaxing after a long night.


        Jesus says, Whoever would be great among you must be your servant,                    lemons

         and whoever would be greatest among you must be the servant of all.


Play it again Sam.



MARCH 2005


After cooking for the Parishes on the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper 2005.


APRIL 2005


Thomas was baptized and then all were confirmed by Bishop Fred Hiltz on April 10, 2005 AD



The following week our Youth Group underwent the rigors of a 30 Hour Famine to raise funds

for youth in the developing world through World Vision. 

Here they are after nearly 12 hours of the Lord of the Rings.



Finally, after the 30 hour countdown was complete, eating their cake...