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Confirmation Class

7:00pm to 8:30pm

St. Peter's Rectory

  Deanery Clericus meeting in New Germany 10:00am    
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Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Communion at St. Peter's West LaHave 7pm 

Bishop Fred Hiltz




Regional Council Meeting


St. Barnabas Blue Rocks



Our recently confirmed youth will begin Friday noon and not eat until Saturday at 6:00pm

Funds raised will be directed to World Vision.

Please sponsor our youth! 
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Bridgewater and District Ministerial

10:00am Bridgewater

United Church


2005 Summer

Vacation Bible School

Planning Meeting

St. Michael's Rectory


For more info call

Nick at 688-1003

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UC Christian Ed Committee:

"Adult Interest Group"

"The Trinity"

7pm Wesley United Church Petite Riviere

Rev. Karen Ohrt

Bring a Bible and delve into the mystery.

"I am the Vine you are the branches"

Petite Riviere Winery

Crousetown 3:30pm

The Anglican Parishes welcome all to reflect upon the Biblical images of the Vine and the vinedresser. Carol Wamboldt will then demonstrate in the vineyard how the vines are trimmed and we conclude at the winery with a wine tasting and feast.


St. James 100th Anniversary Celebrations Planning Meeting

7:00pm Home of Brady and Ramona Himmelman