St. James' Church

est. 1861

(present church built in 1905)


3603 Highway 331

LaHave NS



This Summer's Organ Recital!

Mr. Mark Himmelman

on our new pipe organ

at St. James' Church

7pm Thursday July 24, 2008



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Daily Offices are said in the Parishes

June to September


Morning Prayer is said Tuesday to Saturday

8:00am at St. James' LaHave


Evening Prayer is said Tuesday to Friday

5:00pm at St. Mary's Crousetown




Sunday School

takes place at the same time as the services of worship, and is taught by

Mrs. Ella Mae Getson.






A service with visitors from St. Peter's and St. John's






Mrs. Yvonne Haughn


Sunday School Teacher:

Mrs. Ella Mae Getson



Mr. Melvin Himmelman 688-2463

Mr. Steve Smith 688-2722


Assistant treasurer:

Mr. Dick Joyce



Mrs. Sandra Himmelman




Confirmation Students after cooking for and serving the parishes

at a Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper at St. James Church.

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St. James' Church Annual Meeting - Feb 2006



Youth Cafe Night  

7 to 9:30pm Friday July 22


Open House and Historical Display

1 to 5pm Saturday July 23

Church Historians

Ken Balcom, Thomas Shields, Beryl Balcom and Sandra Himmelman


Feast of St. James Holy Communion and Reception

7 to 10pm Monday July 25

Guest Choir - Zion Lutheran Male Choir




                              Fr. Gary Alcock bringing greetings                          The colourful Himmelman women.

                             from the Bishop, Regional Dean and himself.   



                                 Mrs. Ruby Gray cuts the cake.                                                      Our illustrious wardens!



Praise God for his goodness and mercy endureth forever!


A Short History of St. James Church

LaHave 1861


by Ken and Beryl Balcolm


from "Work in Progress"

"Notes on the Development of the Anglican Churches in the Area Now Served by the parishes of St. Peter's New Dublin and St. Michael and All Angels, Petite Riviere. A report produced in celebration of the 175th Anniversary of the founding of the first Church, St. Peter's in 1819."


The earliest record of a Church of England church at Lower Dublin (now LaHave and Dublin Shore) is in Bishop Hibbert Binney's record at the Diocesan Archives.  It reports the "Consecration of St. James the Apostle Church at Lower Dublin, May 23, 1861.”


At that time the Parish of New Dublin still extended to the Medway River and now included - five churches - St. Mark's at Broad Cove, St. Michael's at Petite Riviere, St. John's at LaHave Islands, St. James' at Lower Dublin, and St. Peter's at West LaHave Ferry, plus two Anglican congregations at the Union Churches in Mt. Pleasant and West Dublin.


An early picture shows a small church, 25’ by 40’, with a side entrance porch, narrow lancet windows, a roof-top belfry and board-and-batten cladding.  According to Muriel Bishop it had box pews and a centrally located stove for heating.


After the division of the Parish into two units (St. Peter's Parish, New Dublin and St. Michael's Parish, Petite Riviere) in l868 regular parish meetings were held twice a year.  We are fortunate to possess the minutes books from 1868 to 1894, 1897 to 1906, and 1925 to 1935.  These give an idea of the problems being faced in these years.


The first meeting was held at St. James' Church-on the 13th of April, 1868 the Rev. Abraham Jordan in the chair.  Thomas Smith of Lower Dublin was elected as one of two church wardens, and Solomon Publicover, Frederick Smith and James Publicover, Esq. were voted vestrymen for Lower Dublin.


At the meeting of 1st. January, 1872 held in the school-house at Pentz's Settlement, it was moved by Mr. Lewis Publicover, seconded by Mr. James A. Publicover that "Hereafter the Annual Parish Meeting be held in Pentz’s School House as heretofore - but that the Easter Meeting be held in St. James’ church, Lower Dublin.  Passed"


At the Easter meeting of 1878 it was voted that Mr. Lewis Publicover and Mssrs. Thomas Smith and Simon Pentz be the church wardens.  William Bell, Geoffrey Publicover and Lewis Publicover were elected vestrymen for St. James' Church.


At the January 1880 meeting "the amount of Expences and amount of Tea Meeting at St. James’ carried by the Society of Church Workers, Lower Dublin were submitted for examination and approved.” 


In 1881 Thomas Smith retained his office as Church Warden but resigned as "Collector" for St. James' and Mr. Martin Larkins was asked to accept the position.


The Tea Meeting held at St. James' (Christmas 1881) cleared $100.75 from which the following expenses were paid:

“$16.00 borrowed from Mrs. Thos. Smith

$12.00 Two stoves (Church)

$26.25 Altar Cloth

$2.00 Surplus (Surplice)

$10.00 Two Chairs

$9.00 Stove Pipe”


The 1884 Tea Meeting at St James' netted $118.00 and that same year Mr. Martin Larkin collected $46.50. He was appointed to "take charge of St. James’ Church to make all business arrangements.”


Sometime before 1887 a Sunday School was established at St. James' as the Rev. Chas. Mellor reports that he created a New Library at St. James for the Sunday School during his incumbency.


At the Easter Meeting of 1887 (the first held since 1884 due to the retirement of the Rev. Abraham Jordan), ‘It was moved by Mr. Spearwater and seconded by James Frazer that Daniel Getson and Fred’k Smith be authorized to take down the names of boys and young men who make a practice of talking and disturbing the services in St. James’ church by their bad conduct, and hand a list of the names of the offenders to the Church Warden, Mr. Solomon Publicover, to be further dealt with before a Magistrate.”  This stern measure must have had the desired effect as the matter is not referred to again.


At his first Parish meeting on Jan. 9th, 1888 Mr. Mellor reported that during the past six months he had held 19 services at St. James' with an average attendance of 192. Mr. Mellor had come as a recent graduate and made enthusiastic plans for the Parish, including "a hall for St. James’, for holding meetings, Bazaars, entertainments, etc.”


He also did a census of the religious affiliations of almost the entire population of the New Dublin area noting their denominations and if baptized, confirmed and a regular communicant. Lower Dublin had at that time over 30 church families, many of whose names are still listed there…


The annual meeting of 1889 was informed that $37.00 had been deposited in the bank towards the 'extension of St. James,' but this plan is not referred to again in the Parish minutes.  An unusual item was passed at the April, 1890 meeting when "at the request of Mr. Mellor a vote of thanks was passed to the Scattered Working Party of England for a supply of Altar Linens furnished by them for St. James’ Church”.


Through the years various churches fell into arrears in their financial commitments, especially to the minister's stipend.  The rectors made frequent complaints about salary owed them and some felt forced to resign, including the Rev. Mr. Mellor.


By the turn of the century the small church at Lower Dublin was crowded and in 1905 a new building was erected by Boehner Bros. a mile east of the old site.  The original church was sold to the Presbyterian congregation and moved 1/4 mile to the west where it stands today, renovated as the Knox Church Hall.


The new St. James', which has the largest seating capacity of the parish churches, has been beautified over the years through monetary gifts and endowments.  Many plaques adorn the walls in remembrance of parishioners or their forebears.  Two of the earliest are Tryphena Finale (1872) and Percy A Smith (1880).


On March 20, 1988 Service of Confirmation was held at St. Alban's, Vogler's Cove with Bishop Arthur Peters officiating.  The evening was warm with the approaching spring.  However while the service was being held a severe snowstorm swept down on the shore and the congregation found several inches of snow awaiting them when they left the church.  Conditions quickly worsened to a point where driving became extremely difficult.  Those on their way home were witness to two flashes of light which lit the surrounding countryside.  The flashes proved to be two bolts of lightning, one of which struck the steeple of St. James, setting it afire.  Although weather conditions were extreme the fire was put out without damage to the nave of the church.  A new steeple was built in the style of the original and now towers above the church pointing the way to God.


Throughout the years many beautiful furnishings have been placed in St. James to aid in worship.  One of the more notable being the chancel lamp which was brought from Jerusalem and dedicated in memory of Capt. H. A and Abegail Conrad.  Others include:


Litany Desk and Book in memory of Walter C. Delaney

Lectern in memory of Stedman Richard

Communion Chalice and Paten in memory of Doris Mullock

Bishop's Chair in memory of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Richard

Cross in memory of Walter J. Publicover

Missal Stand and Alms Basin in memory of Helen Getson

Processional Cross in memory of James D. Bishop

Baptismal Font in memory of Eugene Mullock

Church Bell in memory of Catherine Getson

Chancel Rail in memory of Ann Getson


Many other beautiful appointments and accessories enhance St. James', all given to the glory of God and in memory of loved ones.