St. Mark's Church

(church first opened for worship in 1842)

7095 Highway 331

Broad Cove NS




St. Mark's (foreground) in dialogue with the Broad Cove United Church

  throughout the year.


        Bruce Raymond    Shirley Conrad     Leone Conrad             Shirley Smith                      Merville Smith           Cindy Smith

Some of St. Mark's faithful discussing the Church in February 06





 Check the

worship schedule page for 

Sunday worship times.


Daily Offices are said in the Parishes

June to September


Morning Prayer is said Tuesday to Saturday

8:00am at St. James' LaHave


Evening Prayer is said Tuesday to Friday

5:00pm at St. Mary's Crousetown




The secretive ladies of Broad Cove

secretly attending a Bible study.




Mr. Merville Smith 677-2475

Mr. Barry Smith 677-2070



Mr. Barry Smith



Mrs. Leone Conrad



The Rev. Dr. Robert Crouse




Keeping their secret to the end.



At the Petite Riviere Annual Parish Meeting in St. Mark's Church (Feb 06).



On July 6, 2008, St. Mark's hosted a Gospel Concert by TUMBLEWEED.

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