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Welcome to St. Paul's!



St. Paul's Church

since 1894


7798 Highway 331

Cherry Hill NS



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Daily Offices are said in the Parishes

June to September


Morning Prayer is said Tuesday to Saturday

8:00am at St. James' LaHave


Evening Prayer is said Tuesday to Friday

5:00pm at St. Mary's Crousetown










The Rev. Dr. Robert Crouse



Mrs. Lorna Jorgenson

Mrs. Faye Martyn


Treasurer & Secretary:

Mrs. Connie Conrad




                                               Ida Regan                  June Manthorne              Fran Robinson            Connie Conrad          Lorna Jorgenson



The Ernst Family sang Renaissance and Gospel music at a concert at St. Paul's Cherry Hill July 8, 2007

What a blending of voices!  Sue Careless, who spoke at the Annual Meeting of the NS and PEI Branch

of the Prayer Book Society at St. James LaHave earlier in the day, took these pictures.

Pictures from the reception at the Fire Hall after the concert.





from a history of the parishes written in 1994 by

Ken and Beryl Balcom 

Cherry Hill is the next community west of Broad Cove and like it, had as early settlers, families with the same surnames - Conrad and Smith.


Our historical notes on St. Paul's Church are based on some pages written many years ago by Rhonda Conrad, supplemented by information and recollections by her sister, Mrs. Harold Lohnes, and by some church records of 1898 and financial records from 1914 to 1950.


The early settlers either went to Lunenburg, and later to St. Peter's Church at West LaHave Ferry for church services, or attended the infrequent visitations by Missionaries from Lunenburg, like the famous service held in a barn at Petite Riviere in l8l2, reported by DesBrisay.


After St. Mark's Church was built at Broad Cove in l842, and St. Alban's at Vogler's Cove in l879, it was much easier for the people of Cherry Hill to attend services.  Rhoda Conrad mentions that, when the schoolhouse was built in l882, services were often held there, reinforcing the desire of the local people to have a church in their own community.


When the Rev. James Spencer arrived in Petite Riviere in l884, he acted as a catalyst for church construction, having plans drawn and churches built at Petite in l886 and in New Italy in 1897. From his efforts and enthusiasm, ably followed up by the Rev. Charles Mellor, a church committee was formed in Cherry Hill.


Land was purchased from the heirs of the estate of Frederick Conrad, and in 1894 Mr. Wamback from Broad Cove was hired to build the church, assisted by volunteer labour.  They did so well that it was opened for service on June l6, 1894.  As Dr. Gibson says, "It is a frame structure with low walls, and a sharply rising roof", with lancet windows.  The windows were imported from England and a beautiful stained glass window was installed over the altar.


A church census of l897 lists 99 adherents, including three children born in l897, their parents and grand-parents.  Fifty-two were of Conrad families, Bowers, Now, Lohnes and others making up the remainder.  In the same book is a cash book, running from 1914, when there were 48 subscribers, to 1941, when they numbered 92, concluding in 1950, with 45.


The same book records, in 1930, the sum of $850.00 paid to "Dasson Wagner, contractor, for church repairs".  It would be very interesting to know what was done.  Was the chancel added at that time ?


A complete communion set, linens, and two sterling silver alms plates were presented to St. Paul's by the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge in England.


The church was consecrated by the Rt. Rev. C.L. Worrell, Bishop of Nova Scotia on November 7, 1905.


Organists of the church have been Mrs. William Conrad, Rhoda Conrad, Mrs. Mary Lohnes, Maurice Conrad and Mrs. Stella Forbes.



The first baby baptized in the church was the son (Donald) of Mr. and Mrs. Hosea Conrad.


Church linens were made by Mrs. Ellen Tiel and her sister, Mrs. Percy Conrad.  The new Rood Screen in the church was made by J.G. Fultz, Pentz, based on a drawing by Dr. Robert Crouse in the early 1990s.




from "Work in Progress" 

“Notes on the development of the Anglican Churches in the area now served by the parishes of St. Peter's, New Dublin and St. Michael and All Angels, Petite Riviere.

 “A report produced in celebration of the 175th Anniversary of the founding of the first Church, St. Peter's in 1819."

 Pentz, Nova Scotia, 1994.




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